Annual Event List

One of the things that you cannot forget during your holiday in Mozambique is to enjoy the events that happen in almost any time of year. In Mozambique, as in any other African country, these are very significant for the community. With different meanings and manifestations, there are annual periodic events in Mozambique and, its magnitude and scope has acceptance aboard. These events are unique in every place and in every moment and this is what makes the difference and unique way to our success. The national festivals are the way to intensify the domestic tourism, focusing on cultural and local communities with vision of opening more opportunities for small business. Are peculiar and memorable opportunities for lovers of cultural tourism and adventure, because is a moment of meeting of different cultures.

One of the most important international events in Mozambique is International Fair of Maputo normally take place between 26 August to 1 September each year. Can find culture events like Jazz Music Festival, Marrabenta Festival.


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