Mozambique is one of the fastest growing economic in the world, and Africa’s success stories of political and economic reforms for creating environment for good business and opportunities, attracting more foreigner and national businessmen. Political and social stability that reflect on good governance, quality of institutions, openness and good attitude towards foreign direct investment. The economy was reformed by the elimination of subsidies and quantitative restrictions on imports, the reduction and simplification of import tariffs and the liberalization of crop marketing. A major privatization program involving the entire banking sector and state manufacturing companies is another active step in economic reform.

Mozambique has an advantageous geographic positioning, providing an ideal gateway to both international and regional markets. Main Areas for business involving the natural resources, agro-business, forestry, fishing, energy and tourism industries. The country is member of SADC who represent the market of 250 million consumers. The country’s major exports are agricultural products, coal and energy, aluminum, textiles, cement, glass, asbestos and tobacco.

Mozambique has an agriculturally based economy. Industrial development has been slow as a result of the civil war that destroyed transportation systems and other infrastructure. The service sector is the biggest contributor to the GDP of the country. Mozambique has potential and mineral resources. A significant increase in exploration activities in the mining sectors took place during the past few years. There are good market opportunities in Mozambique for the provision of services to the company carrying out exploration and development activities. Mozambique has considerable mineral resources despite limited exploitation.

The country main exports are Aluminium, Electricity, Natural Gas, Coal, Heavy Sands Products (Imenite, Zircon and Rutile), Prawns, Sugar, Tobacco, Cotton, Timber, Cashew nut and Kernel, the main import products are Alumina, Machinery, Fuels (Petrol and Gasoline), Automobiles, Cereal, Building Materials and Electric Appliances, Electrical Power, Medicines, Sugar.

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Mozambique is the easiest gateway to SADC market regarding to the location to access the regional market. The advances to invest in Mozambique is a large market of 250 million consumers. The country have many differences opportunities of investment in different areas such as agriculture, fishery, tourism, trade, science and technology, mineral sources and hydrocarbon. Also opportunities still in agribusiness, infrastructures, energy, transport and communication.

Investment Incentives, include investment policy such as investment law, regulation on investment law, and code of fiscal benefits.

To support and facilitating investment the country have following Agencies : Centro de Promoção de Investimentos (CPI), Gabinete de Zonas Economicas Especiais (GAZEDA) and Instituto Nacional do Turismo (INATUR)

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