The Consular Section deals with bilateral consular issues relating to territorial jurisdictions covered by this Embassy are citizens of the Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.

If you would like to enter the Republic of Mozambique, and you are a citizen of a Portuguese-speaking country AND you hold an official or diplomatic passport ONLY), you do not require a Visa.

Citizens of the following countries do NOT require a visa to enter Mozambique. Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Zambia.

Visa Information

All visas must be obtained at the Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique. Applicants must submit:

  1. An original passport, valid for at least 6 months from date of submission and have at least 1 blank page for a visa stamp (amendment pages are not acceptable)
  2. Fill out the visa application form. Print visa application form
  3. Submit 1 passport-sized photograph
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Payments must be made in Rupiah (IDR)
  6. The fee is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the application or in case of withdrawal of the application
  7. No fee is required for official and diplomatic passports, but a diplomatic note is required
  8. If you are not a citizen of the 6 Countries mentioned above, you must submit copy of Residence/Work Permit

Requirements for Business Visa

  1. A guarantee letter from applicant’s company
  2. Invitation letter from Mozambique
  3. Travel Itinerary (if available)
  4. Vaccination letter

Visitor Visa

  1. A personal letter from applicant or the host that clearly stating where, when, and how long will the applicant stay in Mozambique
  2. Invitation letter and Guarantee letter from the host/ the invitee
  3. Travel Itinerary

Residence / Working Visa

Besides the requirements mentioned in business visa, applicant must add :

  1. Copy of Work Contract
  2. A statement letter to work in Mozambique from Ministry of Labor of Mozambique
  3. Medical Certificate (Vaccination letter or Health Report)
  4. Police Clearance Certificate

Visa Type, Fees, and Validity

NOTE : All fees are in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)

Visa Type Fees Processing Validity
Single Entry Visa Rp. 800.000 3 Weeks 30 Days
Multiple Entry Visa Rp. 1,200.000 3 Weeks 30 – 90 Days

Express Service (With Approval)

Visa Type Fees Processing Validity
Single Entry Visa Rp. 1,200.000 7 Working Days 30 Days
Multiple Entry Visa Rp. 1,600.000 7 Working Days 30 – 90 Days


Operation Hours

Type Day Time
To submit application Monday – Friday 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM
To collect visa Monday – Friday 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM

Please send email to :